Alphabet Soup

Well, we've been living this cancer patient life for 9+ months. Apparently, that's how long it takes you to forget that you didn't always know what you know now. Cancer patients' lives are full of terms and acronyms. You talk in alphabet soup and no one on your care team skips a beat. They all … Continue reading Alphabet Soup

It is Well

Is there anything you struggle with that you wouldn't want to admit to the world? Losing your cool easily? Refusing to ask for help, even if it's in your best interest? Gossiping about friends? Caring what others think of you? I've never really been the girl who has it all together. I love leggings and … Continue reading It is Well

Spinal Week

This week has been... intense. I noticed a headache coming on Sunday night. Monday morning it was much worse. I had an appointment (lumbar puncture) scheduled for Tuesday morning, so I decided to tough it out. Tuesday was even worse. I had another LP and the pain continued to intensify until Friday. The pain was … Continue reading Spinal Week


Are you a good friend? Have you ever thought about that question before now? I really failed at being a friend this month, and it got me thinking. I bet I've failed at being a friend more than I've succeeded. Some people are naturally good friends, and some folks really have to work at it. … Continue reading Challenge